What are your average meal macros?

Typical Nutrition Values of Our meals per 125g Protein source and 125g Carb Source:

Breakfast - (P: 21.5g, C: 27g, F: 9.5g)
Poultry & Rice - (P: 46.5g, C: 44.4g, F:11.8g)
King Prawns & Rice - (P: 31.75, C: 39.5g, F: 5.6g)
Fish & Rice - (P: 36.1.9g, C: 43.6g, F: 6.1g)
Meat & Rice - (P: 40g, C: 40.2, F: 22.6g)
Poultry & Pasta - (P: 49.5g, C: 47.5g F: 14.1g)
Meat & Pasta - (P: 43.5g, C: 52.7g F: 25.2g)


Where do you deliver to?

UK - England, Scotland and Wales

Kuwait - All governorates


What are the delivery days?

UK - Delivery days are Tuesday and Friday.

Kuwait - Daily except Friday


Is Your Food Halal?

We only sell Halal 


How do I order?

Go to the choose a package on the home page and follow the step by step introductions to check out.


What’s the shelf life?

All our meals have production and expiry dates labels.


Can I alter the meals to meet my specific needs?

We do not offer a bespoke service at this time; however, you can adjust your portion sizes and calorie intake requirements based on your goals.


Allergy advice

We cannot cater for specific allergies as we batch cook our food. Please refer to our allergens section for more information


Can I freeze my meals?

Yes. All of our meals can be frozen for up to 1 month.