Macros (Nutritional Values)

We keep it simple! We work with the average macros:


Typical Nutrition Values of Our meals per 125g Protein & 125g Carb Source:


  • Breakfast - (P: 21.5g, C: 27g, F: 9.5g)
  • Poultry and Rice - (P: 46.5g, C: 44.4g, F:11.8g)
  • King Prawns and Rice - (P: 31.75, C: 39.5g, F: 5.6g)
  • Fish and Rice - (P: 36.1.9g, C: 43.6g, F: 6.1g)
  • Meat and Rice - (P: 40g, C: 40.2, F: 22.6g)
  • Poultry and Pasta - (P: 49.5g, C: 47.5g F: 14.1g)
  • Meat and Pasta - (P: 43.5g, C: 52.7g F: 25.2g)
    All Macros are based on estimations from