2 Meals Per Day Packages - Breakfast & Lunch Suitable for Weight Loss


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12 Meals with an average daily kcal of 700/750, of delivered fresh in two deliveries via courier, delivered every Tuesday and Friday.

This subscription-based meal plan is suitable for weight loss as part of a calorie-controlled diet and exercise plan for adults. Lunches and dinners come portioned, with an average of 125 grams of protein source and 125 grams of carbs source each. This makes it easy to plan your daily meals and track your macros.

Choosing your meals in advance can be confusing and often leads to selecting the same foods. This can make your daily menu look repetitive and boring.

Our chefs create new dishes weekly to keep things interesting. Once you pay for a package we will contact you with selection, If you're not sure what to order, they can do the food selection and pairing for you.

 All calories and macros are based on estimations from myfitnesspal.com. For complete macro information, click here. For allergen information and company policy, check our terms and conditions. You must also inform us of any allergies when ordering in the comments / notes section. The ingredients for our daily dishes can be found on our menu gallery.

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